Making the world better, one project at a time


Each project is unique. Some projects take more time than others.
Federal grant proposals are generally the most complex and take the most time.
Proposals to private foundations generally take less time.

My rates are based on a flat fee or an hourly rate.

DO NOT work on a percentage or a contingency basis.
That is a violation of my professional code of ethics.

My grant proposal writing rates are based on:
        1. The agency to which you are applying
        2. The number of pages to be written and the attachments to be prepared
        3. Your experience with submitting grant proposals
        4. The amount of time until the submission deadline

Parks and recreation consulting, fundraising consulting, writing and communications, and grant research rates are based on the work you want me to do.


Please contact me to obtain a quote.


For my LinkedIn connections, if you recommend me to an agency, with which I sign a work contract, I will donate $100 to the nonprofit of your choice, after that agency remits payment on its first invoice.

For my current clients, if the recommendation occurs, I will give you a 10% discount on your next invoice.